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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Post 5 - Remembering a dream...

I don't often remember dreams, so when I do, I take note...

I was hill walking, don't know where, just me, a backpack and a trusty stick - usually in my dreams, I am able-bodied again.
As I walked, I heard footsteps behind me - I slowed down to allow the person behind me to pass... But it wasn't a person, it was a white bull.
I wasn't frightened - when he looked me straight in the eye, it was with a gentle look.
We walked side by side for miles, in silence - except for his gentle breathing.
We came to a bank, with a stream, and we stopped - he to drink from the stream, me to drink from my caddy.
Then, he sat down, and I sat leaning against his flank. I fell asleep, lulled by the sound of his breathing... in... and out...
I woke this morning feeling strangely comforted and deeply calm.

Having grown up with classical mythology, I know the story of Europa, and Zeus turning himself into a white bull to abduct and rape her.

And, of course, the Minotaur story...

So I've grown up with the image of bulls as big, powerful, frightening creatures.

But as I read more on Bull symbols, I learnt they are symbols of
  • Stability
  • Virility
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Provision
  • Confidence
  • Fertility
  • Helpfulness
  • Determination
And, I was born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus (birthday - 28 April), although my mother always focussed on any negative bull traits she saw in me - I was stubborn, hot-headed, clumsy (bull in a china shop).

Maybe, this white bull came to show me the stronger, gentler traits of my being...

I must share with you this painting which I bought a few weeks ago with my birthday money. It's painted by Birdie Fincham and it's called The Pilgrims

Now, I was drawn to the name, more than anything else, and actually, part of it scares me a bit - like the girl, I am a tad nervous when I look at it . Also, it reminds me of The Magus by John Fowles, one of my favourite books as a teenager, and part of its attraction was it scared me...

Anyway, I knew I was drawn to it, even though I didn't really know why...

I'm sensing that my Soul was telling me something then, as she is in the dream last night, and part of it may be to reclaim the good, positive parts of being a Taurus, and to embrace the more scary parts of this soul journey...
I'd really welcome any thoughts or comments, as it's notoriously difficult to interpret one's own dreams :)


  1. I really love your posts,I enjoy reading you.I'm still very new on Facebook or blog.I say write about your dream ask the voice on paper!Love and Light,with nice big balloons your way.Marielle Losier NB Canada

  2. Hi C - when I read your bull dream I instantly thought of the ancient ritual of bull leaping. Where young men sumersault over the head & back of a huge white sacred bull - an initiation rite I think. And for the druids - the crescent horns represent the new moon & stars, they also make a sounds when blown & make drinking cups. A mix of the earthly & divine. Which of course could be you - earth bound but spiritually soaring. The river may represent the emotions. So you have earth, water & air - 3 of 4 main elements of the world! Not sure if it helps


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